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2036 S. 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Haley Fry

Haley Fry



Haley has taught at Pennsport for about 12 years and attended as a student for many years prior, too. As a student she also attended The Pennsylvania Ballet, as well as the Children’s Ballet Theatre. Haley was a cheerleader throughout high school at Neumann-Goretti and coaches their program today! She was also on the professional dance teams for the Philadelphia Wings and the Rugby 7’s for several years. Outside of PSOD, Haley is a first grade teacher and a certified makeup artist. She has a masters degree in Education and is currently studying for her doctorate!

Styles of Dance Taught at PSOD

Ballet, Jazz & Modern

How Many Years Have You Been at PSOD?


Favorite PSOD Memory

“So many memories come to mind, because this studio has been such a huge part of my life! I think the one I cherish the most is when Miss Stephanie and I were choreographing our first duet together (Fix You) and we were a little stumped on the ending. We kept playing around and finally we just put the music on and the movements just flowed. On the last beat of music, we looked at each other and started crying! We knew that was it!”